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Bruce Yerman

For 24 years, it's been my privilege to defend people accused of crimes. My skill, experience and aggressive approach give you an advantage. Together, we'll build your defense. Our goal: achieving the best result possible for you.

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Sealed Criminal Cases in New York

New York expunges criminal cases that don't result in a criminal conviction. This is known as "sealing". Sealing removes public access to government records of criminal cases.

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Serving You in All Five Boroughs
of New York City


I represent clients throughout Manhattan on a range of criminal charges. Contact my office today.


If you’ve been charged with a crime in Brooklyn, you need a tough, smart criminal defense attorney.


In the Bronx, being charged with a crime requires an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights. 


If you’re facing criminal charges in Queens, I'm here to help.  I’ll take charge of your case and work with you to get the best possible result.

Staten Island

I’ll defend you against criminal charges in Staten Island. Call today for a free consultation. Learn more about your options.

Too Much Is at Stake:

Criminal charges can impact the rest of your life.  If you’re facing jail time or other significant penalties and consequences, you need an experienced lawyer with the know-how to get your charges reduced or dismissed, by putting you in the best position to win your case at trial. I work hard to defend your freedom.

Your Future Is on the Line:

A criminal record can impact your life in so many ways, beyond jail time. A criminal conviction can prevent you from getting a job, maintaining your immigration status, receiving student loans, renting an apartment, and more. Your future at stake. I will aggressively defend you. Together, we will develop a strategy and tactics to achieve the best result possible.

Reduce Your Anxiety by Hiring a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer:

With more than two decades of experience representing clients throughout New York City, I understand how the system works. I’m a skilled trial lawyer and negotiator. I take a strategic approach to getting the best result possible. My goal is to help you achieve peace of mind while fighting your case in court.

Fighting For Your Freedom:

Don’t gamble with your future or your legal rights.  I’ll use the skills I’ve honed over 23 years of criminal defense practice to fight for your freedom.  Partnering with you, I take an aggressive approach to achieving the best result possible.